Mortgage Switcher

I designed an online mortgage switcher application form which does 45% of Nationwide’s remortgage business. First live on the web in late 2007, the style looks a bit dated now but at the time it complimented the Internet Bank and sales website for Nationwide.

My main responsibilities on this project included the form design and usability testing. The application did a few firsts for Nationwide including taking payments and electronic signatures.

The main aims of this form were as follows:

  1. Increase the society’s capacity to process switcher business.
  2. Reduce demand in the Retail Branch Network (RBN) and telephone channels by offering an alternative channel for selected non targeted customers to switch their mortgage to a new deal.
  3. Increase the proportion of Mortgage Review Meetings (MRMs) conducted in the RBN with targeted customers by encouraging non-targeted customers to use the online channel.
  4. Focus on the non-targeted customers to use the online channel thus freeing up RBN capacity to conduct more MRMs with targeted customers and increase cross-sales opportunities.
  5. Create Point of Sale (POS) efficiencies by allowing customers to switch their mortgage online with Straight Through Processing (STP).

My main aim was to make remortgaging as simple as possible. I achieved this by making product selection straightforward, giving users access to all aspects of the product and allowing them to compare products.

The customer logged onto the form which then enabled the form to return results aimed at the user rather than being general.

I ensured all the product details were available allowing customers to simply compare and make an informed decision. I planned, carried out and drove the usability testing using Morae. I had participants videoed to capture customer journeys in several scenarios and analyse the results. I made recommendations, which were accepted into the final design solution. The project was regarded as extremely successful amongst Senior Management and Directors. It became the benchmark for how the Society could offer a first class service to customers without the customer needing to use a more expensive channel to transact their business.


The application does 45% of the societies total remortgage business

This screen is the third screen a user sees after the two screen log on process. This screen returns back the users current deal along with all the deals they qualify for, and options to filter and sort them, making it easy to compare and select a product.

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